I love me some sunglasses, and I have proudly built up quite the stash over the years. I was trying to figure out a way to display my glorious collection and so I came up with this awesome chandelier sunglasses display.
Unfortunately, this is not a full tutorial. I made this chandelier last summer and didn’t even think to take any pictures of the process, except the initial materials I used. Hopefully, I can explain how I made this well enough, so that you can make your own version of it.

Materials I used:
(1) Large Lamp Shade (disassembled)
(1) Small Lamp Shade (disassembled)
(1) Spool of Satin Ribbon 7/8″ or 5/8″ (any color) – ($7.02 on Amazon)
(1) Strand of Clear Crystal Garland – ($8.99 on Amazon)

thin gauge wire to tie crystal strands to lamp shade loops


(50pcs)  12mm Split Rings – ($5.99 on Amazon)
**Lamp Shades in any size can be picked up for super cheap at garage sales, estate sales, and thrift shops.

Tools Needed:
2 Needle Nosed Pliers
Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue Sticks



(Above) The bottom of largest lamp shade frame is connected to the single hoop with 4 crystal strands.


(Above) The bottom of the chandelier. The smallest lamp shade frame was attached to the top of the largest lamp shade frame using ribbon.


The chandelier looks so pretty hanging in front of a window and allows easy access to your collection, so that you can match whatever pair you want with any outfit.


(Above) A view of where the crystal strands and ribbon are attached to the lamp shade.


(Semi ) Tutorial Steps:
(refer to first photo in this post)
1) Wrap the small lamp shade frame, large lamp shade frame, and single hoop with ribbon. Make sure the wrapping is done tightly. The ends of the ribbon can be sealed with hot glue or by tying a knot.
2) Attach the center of the top of the largest frame to the center of the smallest frame with ribbon. Seal ends with hot glue to prevent fraying.
3) Attach bottom (large side) of the large frame to the single hoop with 4 equal length strands of Clear Crystal Garland using the 12mm split rings. (Use one plier to hold the ring in one hand and the other plier to open and close the ring in the other hand.)
4) The chandelier is hung by 3 equal strands of ribbon, tied to the single hoop. With the loose ends, form and tie a loop to hang the chandelier by. The length of the ribbon strands depend on how long you want it to hang. At this point you will want to hang the chandelier from something (plant hanger, hook, etc) before adding #5.
5) Take leftover clear crystal garland strands and separate into equal lengths. Hang from the bottom of the chandelier in the center, by attaching with the 12mm split rings. Strands of the clear crystal garland can also be attached horizontally to add decoration; between the 3 strands of ribbon hanging the chandelier. I also had enough leftover to run a long strand up the center of the lamp shade frames. (Shown in 1st photo)
6) Add sunglasses.




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