A 3 step Crockpot Southwest Chicken Chili that’s super easy, so delicious, healthier than its beef counterpart and pretty inexpensive. This chili is a staple in my house. I hope you love it as much as we do!

The prices listed next to each ingredient are what I paid at the Walmart in my town (03/28/15). Prices may vary depending on store location and brand. I only list prices to give you a general idea of what the meal will cost. The brand of each ingredient is shown in the photo below.



Chicken Tenderloins (approx 9) – ($7.49)
1 can (15.25oz) Whole Kernel Corn, drained– (.68)
1 med Onion (chopped) – (.93)
1 Green Bell Pepper (diced) – (.78)
I can (40.5oz) Dark Red Kidney Beans, drained – ($1.92)
1 can (15.25) Black Beans, drained– (.72)
2 cans (29oz) Tomato Sauce – ($1 ea= $2)
1 can (28oz) Diced Tomatoes, undrained – ($1.00)
1 Packet Mild Chili Seasoning Mix – ($1.00)
2 tbsp Olive Oil
1/2 tbsp Chili Powder
Dash of Crushed Red Pepper to taste
Black Pepper to taste
Optional Toppings:
Shredded Cheese – ($2.48)
Sour Cream – ($1.68)

Prep time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 4 hrs on HIGH OR 8 hrs on LOW

Step 1: Rinse chicken tenderloins and place in crockpot. Season with chili powder and pepper. Cook on high for 1hr and 30 mins. Remove chicken from crockpot and set aside to cool. Once chicken is cool, shred with fork and remove tendons.

Step 2: Dice green pepper and onion, and saute’ with 2 tbsp olive oil in a pan on the stove top.

Step 3: Place chicken back in crock pot and add onions, peppers, black beans, kidney beans, corn, diced tomatoes, sauce, seasoning, (optional) crushed red pepper flakes and cook on HIGH for 4 hrs or on LOW for 8 hrs.

Add whatever toppings and fixins you like. I serve this with a hearty italian bread from the Walmart bakery (which is only $1.00 at most locations), and top it with shredded cheddar cheese and a dollop of sour cream.  This makes at least two nights of meals for a family of 2. It’s even better the second night!



Please note: I (Jess) am NOT a “cook” nor do I claim to be. This is my own recipe and am sharing it with you, because it is the bomb. Nutritional values can be found on each of the ingredients. This recipe will fill a large Crockpot, which is approximately 8 servings.
I hope you love it as much as my family and I do! If you try it, please leave a comment and let me know what you think or did differently! I’d love to see pics as well 🙂

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